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What is Driver Training

You’ve got your learner’s permit in hand and you’re ready to get on the road, right? Well, maybe not. Studying something (reading that QSafe handbook and watching other people drive for your entire life) isn’t the same as actually doing that thing. Some driving schools will throw you to the wolves and see if you can fight your way out—they just throw you right onto the streets and see if you can figure the car out yourself. Our affordable driving school does the exact opposite.

Our lessons are one-on-one instruction that helps you learn not only how to drive a vehicle, but how to drive it safely. We’ll take you through every stage of driving, from learning how to focus and be confident on the road (confidence you can use off the road, too!) to driving on surface streets, in residential areas, and then on highways. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to pass your driving test at the Queensland transport office, as well as everything you need to know to just stay safe as you drive. Even after you get your license, you will still be learning, so we teach you the skills you need to avoid accidents on Australia’s roads.

Learning to drive is just like learning to ride a bike. Well, not exactly. Cars are much bigger and faster, but the same principles apply. You have to practice, practice, practice. For teens and adults learning to drive, that means practicing everything you’ve learned from your Cairns Affordable Driving School trainer with a parent or other licensed driver in the car.

Did you know that it takes as many as 5,000 repetitions of an action before your body has perfect muscle memory for that action? That doesn’t mean we’re going to force you to parallel park 5,000 times, it simply means that we are going to make your parallel park many times and encourage you to practice even after you’ve passed your test and received your full license.

For Foreign Learners

If you hold a foreign license, our driving school is your opportunity to learn how to drive on the other side of the road and how Australians drive, according to the QSafe learner driver handbooks. Once you’ve taken your written test at the Queensland transport office, give us a call and we will teach you everything you need to know for your road test. Our instructors have driven all over the world and understand what it’s like to learn to drive in another country!

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